Apr 16

Turn your monterey wedding venue from standard to extraordinary!

We all have seen those amazing wedding on Platinum Weddings or Martha Stewart Weddings, but what really makes them “look” so amazing?

Lighting is the key!

The talented and professional event lighting staff at DNA Entertainment specialize in custom Monterey Wedding Lighting.

We are pleased to present a variety of lighting packages to improve and enhance the ambiance of your Monterey Wedding.

Up Lighting

Up Lighting is the most economical solution and can be the perfect touch to enhance any monterey wedding.

Up Lighting can be used in many ways: softening up walls, illuminating flowers and trees, and transforming any ordinary room into a spectacular room. Up lighting will give your event the depth and atmosphere you are looking for.

Pin Spot lighting

Pin Spot lighting is a perfect solution to enhance your tables, centerpieces, and cake.

By dimming the main lights and pin spotting important aspects of your event, like they do in an art gallery or fancy restaurant, your event will have the dramatic look and feel it deserves.

String Lighting

String lighting is the perfect solution to illuminate dance floors and dining areas.

We use commercial grade, pear shaped, 15 watt bulbs that are spaced 18″ apart which give the perfect amount of warm light.

When dining or dancing under these sting lights, your event will be one that is remembered by you and your guest forever.

Custom Gobos

DNA Entertainment can create a Custom Gobo of your names or initials and projected it on your dance floor or behind your head table.

A Custom Gobo truly adds a unique touch to your Monterey Wedding.

Please click on event lighting on our site to see pictures of different types of event lighting we can offer.

Contact us today to get a personalized quote and create the wedding of your dreams.

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