Chris Adame

Chris Adame

DJ Name: DJMcFly
Date of Birth: October 22, 1988
Place of Birth: Monterey, CA
Years DJing: 5

Why do you DJ?
I enjoy creating a fun atmosphere.
Music is powerful energy, as DJ’s we have the ability to control that energy, because of that we can provide the vibe for a great time. I’m lucky to do something I love and sharing that joy with others is pretty cool too.

Favorite Moment DJing:
Early in my DJing career a friend of mine asked me for help in playing some music for her graduation party. Friends from far and wide were coming to celebrate so the pressure was on to make it a good time. The energy was crazy that night! Even the parents were dancing like I had never seen! I kept running back and forth from the DJ booth to the dance floor all night long. I’ll never forget what it felt like to be a part of such an epic moment with all my friends.

Hobbies & interests outside of DJing:
Traveling is a big one! I spent two awesome years living and traveling around Europe. Whether it’s music, people, or places I love the thrill of discovering something new. There is a big world out there and I plan to see most it.

I’m a total car fanatic. I can admire a Lamborghini’s beauty for hours and there is nothing more intoxicating than stepping on the gas pedal of a finely tuned car. I can’t wait to someday start my own collection.

I enjoy an active lifestyle. Everything from hitting the gym, playing sports, to doing something outdoors. Also I’m really into video games, creative thinking and golf.

Favorite Songs:
“Today Was A Good Day” – Ice Cube
“It Happened in Monterey” – Frank Sinatra
“Smashing Pumpkins” – 1979
“Satisfaction” – Benny Benassi
“Corcovado” – Astrud Gilberto

Other Talents:
Technologically gifted, bilingual, mad breakfast skills.

Favorite Event To DJ:
Dances & Weddings