Christopher Chambers

DJ Name: DJ C
Date of Birth: July 18, 1981
Place of Birth: Bakersfield, CA
Years DJing: 4 years

Other Experience: After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Sacramento State I lived in the middle east for a year. I then joined the Peace Corps and lived in Mali in the city of Djenne. From there I moved back to Bakersfield to work and to be close to my family. After working for a few years my wife and I moved to Monterey where I gained a Masters degree in Business with a concentration in Accounting. I have lived in Monterey for nine years now and I am involved in various activities around town from farmers markets to marshalling for the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Favorite Moment DJing: Being at the top of the Marriott at a company party were as the night wore on the crowd grew more and more into the music. The view and the positive vibes were memorable.  

Favorite Songs: I’m a sucker for pop music. If it’s on the radio I’ll probably like it eventually. Anything upbeat is fantastic since it makes crowds go crazy. Conversely artist like Al Green or anything Motown are great to relax to.

Favorite Event to DJ: Weddings are so much fun. It is such a special moment and to be a part of it is an exciting honor.

Activities/Hobbies Outside of DJing: I play the piano, guitar and banjo, which keep me busy. I also draw and write when I can find the time.