darion bonnet

Darion Bonnet

DJ Name: DJ Darion (Dare-e-on)
Date of Birth: August 27, 1983
Place of Birth: Carmel, California
Years DJing: 19 years

Other Experience: Local musical theatre, retail management, restaurant hospitality

Favorite Moment DJing: There are so many of course. One that jumps out was when I recently played a song at a country wedding. There were horses behind me, moonshine being poured, cowboy boots and hats — and I put on the song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. The whole dance floor went crazy. They were  taking off their boots, throwing them in the middle of the dance floor and dancing around the room. Guys were running and sliding into the pile of boots. The whole night was magical. Music, no mater what genre, has a flow and rhythm that can be twisted into another genre and I love that.

Favorite Songs: During my early childhood I grew up listening to everything my parents listened to which was mainly country and classical. As I started getting older, I listened to the radio nonstop, which played anything from Top 40 to Classic Rock. When the electronic scene developed I started to really enjoy all sorts of tracks from Rap and Hip-Hop to Country and Trance. I also got into  House music and Techno. There are some great Latin dance tracks out there as well. I love just about every type of music, which makes my ability to mix between them so much more fun! I love artists like Armin Van Buuren, Marcus Schultz, LMFAO, Pitbull, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and Tim Mcgraw.

Activities/Hobbies Outside of DJing: I love the outdoors: playing baseball, football, tennis, skiing, bowling, surfing, and mountain biking. I enjoy traveling anytime I can, anywhere. I love meeting new people every day and taking spontaneous trips down to Big Sur or San Francisco to visit some amazing craft breweries and restaurants. I really enjoy a good walk on Carmel Beach, or seeing some of my favorite dj’s live in person.

Favorite Event to DJ: Weddings have an amazing feeling and I love being part of something so memorable. To be honest, I love to be anywhere where I can crank up the music and mix all night!

What Sets You Apart From Other DJs? I really have a great way of reading the crowd at any event and can beat match practically any song. I can take requests from 200 kids at a Middle School dance while mixing at the same time on the fly, transitioning from one song to another at the crack of a whip. I really enjoy what I do. It’s a lifestyle. I have passion and thrive every day to better myself as a person, entertainer, and perfectionist. I want to make every event better than the one before. I love playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. Music is my therapy. It allows me to put my daily stress and cares on the back burner for a bit and decompress. I love getting lost in music and the joyful feelings it stirs up in my chest. I also like it when it has a beat that commands my feet to start moving.

Why Do You DJ? When I was about 13, we had a DJ do a Halloween event for our church youth group. I was hooked. I couldn’t believe this guy made money playing songs really loud and that people would dance to it! It was a snowball effect after that. Now I will stay at home a lot to just better my mixing abilities all the time. I make mixes for friends and also for a local restaurant that will play them later in the evening for people to dance. I get such a good feeling when I mix two songs together, and it drops, and you get goose bumps knowing what just happened was awesome!

Other Talents: I love photography and I enjoy acting in front of a camera. My voice has to be one of my strong points and I use it to my advantage every day. I would love to be involved in some voice over work or be in movies or TV shows some day. Kickboxing is also a perfect way for me to stay in shape for those extra-long events.

What’s new for 2016? After becoming a full time employee for DNA Entertainment last January, I quickly found myself involved in the biggest year for weddings in our entire career. I was able to stand out from the competition in being able to work with our potential clients in aiding them with much information, insight, and being able to help out as much as possible with providing the best customer service to them as possible while personally being able to dj over 75 weddings, and countless corporate events, fashion shows, holiday parties, school dances, birthday parties, and even at a club up in San Francisco! This year looks to be just as busy if not better. We have hired some great new dj’s to really sling shot us into this busy season. I can’t wait for all the new fun times to begin.

Check out Darion in action at Gardner Ranch in October 2016

Video by Baby Blue Film and event rentals from Chic Events.